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Book Erika Moon’s Giant Champagne Glass OR Giant Chandelier Glass for your stand-out event!

Erika Moon blends traditional burlesque theater with a modern twist. She has carefully crafted an impressive selection of props for your event.

From the classic giant champagne glass and martini glass to her signature giant chandelier glass, Erika Moon will give any performance that extra special flair.

Her luxurious giant chandelier glass prop is designed to make quite an impression, and after its public debut in 2022, it will be sure to bring your event to the next level.

Whether you want a grand entrance at a wedding, a unique and Classique burlesque show, or a spectacular finale at corporate events, Erika Moon can provide a fun and entertaining experience for all. Not only does she have an impressive collection of additional props (such as a bathtub, and giant cake) but her professional training ensures every performance is memorable. With her unique style and skill, Erika Moon is guaranteed to add a special touch to any event.

So let Erika Moon dazzle you with her signature props and bring your celebration to the next level!

Where can I find a giant champagne glass for rent?
From $1000/$3000

What is the cost to rent a giant champagne glass?
The Cost to rent a giant champagne glass can varies depending on the following items;
Location (based in Miami, Fort Lauderdale)
Day of the event, week-day rate or weekend rate, high or low season demand.
It also depends if the glass is rented for only decoration, or if the vendor will provide the artist, model, or burlesque entertainer.
And finally, it will depend on the quality of the glass, the more it will be luxurious it, the more the price will reflect.

For all this reason, contact us so we can give you a specific quote.

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