Baroque Sofa for Rent | Lavish Rental Props

If you’re looking for a luxurious baroque sofa to rent for your next photoshoot or film production, look no further than Lavish Rental Props! Our beautiful red and gold sofa is perfect for setting the tone. Contact us today to reserve yours!


Are you looking to make a real impact with your next photoshoot or film production? Our Baroque Gold and Red Sofa offers the perfect solution to bring an air of luxury and grandeur to any set or stage. With its distinctive design, lavish colors, and grandeur scale, it is sure to grab the attention of all your guests.
This magnificent sofa does more than just look amazing – it exudes the splendor of an 18th century courtier’s bedroom. Whether for a photoshoot, film set, or burlesque-themed performance, this Baroque Gold and Red Sofa can transport your audience from their daily life into a lavish enchanted period setting. Rent our Baroque Gold and Red Sofa today and bring that classic taste of splendor and luxury directly into your next creative endeavor.

Dimensions: TBC
Weight: TBC

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