Copper Claw Foot Bathtub – Add Exotic Mystery to Your Event!

Rent this beautiful copper bathtub for your event. A special vintage feel for this gorgeous item. Whether you place a contortionist, your vignette model serving drinks from the tray, or your burlesque dancer Erika Moon performing her Cleopatra act, this item is sure to add an exotic mystery to your event! This item can be filled with ice, water, and petal roses.


If you’re looking to add a touch of mystery and exoticism to your next event, look no further than the Copper Claw Foot Bathtub! This gorgeous piece is perfect for everything from intimate soirees to extravagant galas. Filled with ice and water (or even petal roses), it provides a beautiful and unique focal point for your event. And if you’re looking for a little extra excitement, why not pair it with a contortionist, vignette model, or Cleopatra’s bath? Special Act by Erika Moon burlesque artist? With this bathtub, the possibilities are endless!

Dimensions: TBC
Weight: TBC

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