Who is Erika Moon?

A Quick Introduction

Born and raised in France to Portuguese parents, Erika Moon is a visionary producer with capabilities of blending a wide-ranging style of genres in her eclectic and vivid productions. Educated as a trained dancer and fashion designer in France, she has 20 years of experience performing and producing in Europe, and has brought her international experience to South Florida!

Erika Moon’s Productions take entertainment to a new concept level and platform allowing the audience to discover the sensual and adventurous world of the magical Cabaret scene with its European flair. After her first production, “Evolution Burlesque” was performed in the United States in 2011, Erika has since created and presented a series of successful and on-going productions such as:

Viva Paris International Show

Cabaret Follies

Burlesque Magnifique

Burlesque Avant-Garde

Holiday Spectacular

She is excited to now share her art with the rest of the U.S. as she grows her company nationally. Please inquire to find out how you can bring a taste of European cabaret to your next event! Whether for corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, and other collaborations, Erika Moon's productions are available for hire anywhere within the U.S.

Get to Know the Artist

“Passion meets Determination — Imagination meets Seduction”

Meet the “Parisian Sensation” Erika Moon: The epitome of a woman who has used her own eclectic life as a roadmap to success. Not only is she a renowned European cabaret artist, burlesque dancer, model, and actress, but Erika Moon is also a multi-talented businesswoman that has combined her 20+ years of experience to create both eclectic and vivid first-class productions. These productions entertain the senses with dance, costumes, music, elegance, and the sizzling flare of burlesque.

Born in Pau, France to Portuguese parents, Erika spent much of her childhood in front of the mirror twirling, dancing, and playing dress up. What remains child’s play for most young girls took on a near obsession that kept her on a steady path to developing into the performer you see on stage today. It was her determination that inspired Erika to create her own choreography, learn countless dance moves from tv, design costumes, and roll it all up into her own unique concept. This creative process started to take on a more tangible shape, and by the age of 15 she was knocking on the doors to the city to ask for funding to present her first official show in France at an annual city event. This simple duet marked the beginning of her public appearances and would lay the groundwork for her future productions. At 16 Erika moved to Toulouse to study fashion design and continued to perform, honing and defining her craft.

Erika started putting on fashion shows at first for fun in her dormitory, but soon this was to turn into a profession for herself with contracts in the modeling world for fashion, print campaigns, and catwalks in France. This along with cheerleading helped her capitalize on her love and talent for the spotlight. At this point Erika sought out any stage where she could explore her creative force, from wedding fashion shows by day, showgirl by evening, and even as an exotic dancer by night!

Her life had now come to an obvious crossroad where she had to decide whether to pursue a more conventional and “safe” career in fashion design, or dive head over high heels into her dream of being a performer. The solution came as a combination of both. Erika’s experience in design allowed her to create her own fashion and incorporate that special aspect into her colorful and unusual sets and costume designs.

“I like to combine structure with chaos – convention with freedom”

After collecting a ‘street education’ of dance influenced by TV, dolls, and every live show she could sneak into, Erika decided to go back and further her self-acquired technique with a base of conventional dance education. She soon received a degree in choreography. At 22, Erika put together her first dance team, The Diamond Girls, which supported several associations and foundations such as “Un maillot pour la vie” and the “Festival d’Angoulème.” She was also able to acquire some high-profile clients such as “Casinos Groupe Barrière,” and the “Groupe Partouch” and made appearances at the Lido de Paris, and the Moulin Rouge, which further helped to establish her name.

After this first taste of real success, things began to move quickly and Erika found herself performing with her newly founded and produced dance ensemble “Les Delicieuses” all over France all while absorbing new flavors to be incorporated into her repertoire and bag of tricks! Her experiences inspired a colorful creation of characters such as Betty Boop’s Moods, Cat Woman, Marquise Delirious, and the cutting-edge show “Cleopatra’s Bath,” which brought fantasy and luxurious glamour to an all-new level.

Having built a successful empire in France she was now faced with a difficult choice. She knew she wanted to take her vision to the next level, but at this time she had reached a crossroad in her life - she had met an American and had fallen in love. Erika decided to take a leap of faith and left France behind for a new life in America. While many doors closed behind her she saw the potential and possibilities ahead. It didn’t happen overnight, but with time, hard-work, and diligence, Erika slowly rebuilt her company in her new country.

After much time Erika finally found the perfect venue to bring her American dream to fruition. She invested her savings into renting this venue and produced a brand new signature show in sunny Miami, Florida. “Evolution Burlesque” premiered on February 1, 2011, selling out at the Colony Theatre on Miami Beach. It received rave reviews and widespread media coverage. This production redefined the concept of cabaret entertainment and incorporated her 17 years of traveling the world. In this imaginative show she combined dancing, acting, comedy, and mystery, all blurring the edge of conventional genres to create a unique atmosphere of class, sizzle, and seduction.

Having made her mark on Miami she saw that there was demand for more! Barely two years after her first successful American debut, she premiered the highly anticipated “Viva Paris - International Show” on February 14th, 2013 on Miami Beach. This production featured can-can dancers, chorus girls, Edith Piaf inspired singers, showgirls and more! It was an astounding success with the production selling out all three shows (over 1000 seats) on its debut.

This fueled Erika Moon’s fire and passion for production, but she knew she wanted to bring something different to South Florida. Shortly after this she was invited to perform outside the United States with an 8-piece band. She fell in love with the energy that live music brought to a show and decided Miami would be the perfect place to showcase this! Erika returned and started working on a new production that would feature burlesque accompanied by a live jazz band. Burlesque Magnifique premiered in 2014 at the Miami Beach Fillmore’s Jackie Gleason Room and was an astounding success!

In 2015 Erika Moon founded the South Florida Art Enrichment organization to help expand live entertainment in theatres across Miami-Dade County through funding and support from Miami Beach and surrounding cities. This support allowed Erika the opportunity to grow her vision for Burlesque Magnifique and bring it to multiple theatres all across South Florida. Drawing from her influence in fashion design with how it corresponded with the seasons, she created special adaptations to celebrate different times of the year. Burlesque Magnifique “Exotic Beats” (2015) brought the heat of the Miami tropical summertime alive on stage. Burlesque Avant-Garde (2016) explored the alluring darker side of sophisticated burlesque just in time for the Fall. Her Holiday Spectacular (2016) was a celebration of the magic of Winter. Erika Moon’s productions have showcased some of the best and brightest of Florida’s talent and have been some of Erika’s most requested themes throughout the years.

Soon Erika Moon broke new boundaries once again when she brought Cabaret Follies on tour for the first time outside of Florida (2019). Erika and her talented team of 12 packed up the entire production and introduced her world of French cabaret to sold out audiences all across Texas.

“I don’t believe in boundaries. I don’t believe in limits.”

Never having been a friend of convention, Erika refuses to play by the rules. She has always inventively blended different genres of dance and theatre. She includes classical ballet dancers alongside belly dancers as well as cabaret/burlesque artists in her show. The sharp contrasts of seemingly contradicting styles come together resulting in a unique and eclectic performance that inspires, touches, and leaves the audience wanting more. Erika’s stage design and choreography plays with the imagination and creates a fantasy world that unites cabaret, acting, and dance with sensuality. A fireball of passion spiked with grit and vision, she continues to create new shows and new concepts, all with her signature sizzle and stamp of feisty imagination.

“My goal is to bring different cultures along with the spirit of Parisian Cabaret together to create a unique mix that allows people to dive into a different world and leave their everyday worries behind. When you walk out of one of my productions or shows feeling inspired, happy, and emotionally recharged, I have my reward!”

This driven perfectionist has been known to wear the hats of producer, choreographer, model, lead dancer, costumer designer, and business manager when needed, but also has assembled an excellent team to help balance the needs of her productions. Her production and directing styles are shaped by her talent of coordinating a team and setting a standard of excellence for each and every production. Erika’s full shows are composed of a dozen different cast members ranging from trained dancers, burlesque guest performers, singers, comedians, interactive acts, acrobatics, and other variety acts, as well as her tech and crew team. At present, her creative teams are based in Miami, Paris, and NYC. The head-quarters for her production and entertainment company (Erika Moon Productions LLC) is presently in Miami Beach.

“In my world, music and dance are fused together to produce an unparalleled show experience!”

Whether for corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, or other collaborations, please inquire to find out how you can bring a taste of Erika’s European vision to your next event! Ranging from a simple set all the way to a full production, Erika can accommodate a wide range of requests including custom performances. Her productions are also available in New York, Las Vegas, L.A, and all across the USA! Additionally, Erika Moon can be hired to make a special appearance as a solo artist for your special event.

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